.NET 2015: The Platform and The Openness

The world of .NET Platform has witnessed a lot of changes and enhancements in its 2015 version which span a wide variety of  areas.

This post is the first in a series where I am going to write about what I found important for every .NET web developer to know about .NET 2015.

First off, as a .NET developer since version 2, I really appreciate that Microsoft .NET Team has embraced principles such as free tools, open source, cross platform, and incorporating non-Microsoft stuff.

The following list of short notes is a summary of the major changes in the platform, at least as I understand it so far :), so please don’t hesitate to write a comment if there is something wrong or missing

  • .NET 2015 released with 2 different editions of the framework, the full .NET Framework with version 4.6 which is the normal upgrade of the previous 4.5 version, the second is what so-called .NET Core 5 which is a lightweight, modular, and cross-platform run-time
  • With .NET Framework 4.6, developers can build all kinds of applications from web to mobile to desktop with full access to everything .NET platform offers
  • .NET Core enables currently running ASP.NET and console applications on other operation systems such as Mac and Linux with the ability to be ported to more platforms by Microsoft and the community in future
  • .NET Core runs on the .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono
  • .NET Core is growing over time as more libraries and functionalities are being ported from .NET Framework
  • All of the .NET Core libraries are distributed as NuGet.org packages
  • ASP.NET 5 is built on top of .NET Core and runs on the full framework
  • ASP.NET 5 is modular, optimized for the cloud and cross-platform (runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux), and can be deployed as a self-contained package which doesn’t depend on the full system-wide framework
  • ASP.NET 5 comes with MVC 6, C# only (No Visual Basic), and No Web Forms
  • ASP.NET 5 comes with its built-in Dependency Injection
  • MVC 6 is a unified programming model of MVC, Web API, and Web pages
  • ASP.NET Web Forms 4.6 and MVC 5 are supported only in the full framework
  • C# and VB got a new compiler “Roslyn” which is completely rewritten in C#
  • Roslyn compiler is open sourced on GitHub where C# developers can explore and contribute to the project
  • Visual Studio Code is a lightweight IDE developed by Microsoft to support developing ASP.NET 5 Web Apps on Mac and Linux as well as Windows along with other technologies such as NodeJS
  • The Garbage Collector got a significant performance update

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in the next post I will talk about the free developer tools offered by Microsoft


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