Windows 7

Windows 7 – Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts

The HotKey shortcuts make it faster and easier to navigate through the applications and functions. Windows 7 has some new handy hotkeys including the following: Win+Home: Clear all but the active window Win+Space: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window Win+Down arrow: Minimize the… Continue reading Windows 7 – Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts



ASP.NET 4 – Web.config File Minification

Do you agree that ASP.NET Application’s web.config became very big and hard to read? ASP.NET Team Development also agreed on that and introduce some enhancements to make web.config content simple and easy to read. ASP.NET Platform configurations based on two config files, First one is machine.config which contains common configuration data like define available configSections… Continue reading ASP.NET 4 – Web.config File Minification